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lines in front of Apple Stores strengthen their position as the leader. And no wonder Apple drew this amount of people on purpose. 2.Attacking yourself is the best defensive strategy: How do you attack yourself? Good question. Let’s look at Gillette. What’s Gillette’s latest blade? No one knows. They come up with a newer ‘improved’ one almost everyday! This is how they attack themselves. When Apple come out with new iPhones every now and then, positioning it as a better phone than the previous (One of their slogans goes “This changes everything. Again.”) 3.The leader always should block strong offensive moves made by competitors: I believe Apple is being lousy on this part. Maybe they’re not, maybe they don’t see the BBM service on Blackberry and Google’s Android as threats. But I can’t prove that. Why Galaxy? Before coming up with a new product, ask why? If you don’t have a reason for a new product in an existing category, you might end up with a Me-Too product. Samsung Galaxy found a gap in the market and positioned itself to fit correctly in this gap. Galaxy is the phone for ‘everyone else’. Let’s put it this way, why do people buy iPhones? Some will say “Because it’s an iPhone”, but that’s another way of saying because they are popular. iPhone has a very high brand awareness when mentioning its category (smartphones). People trust these brands, when buying ketchup, people buy Heinz, when buying coffee, people prefer Starbucks, for pain relief, people take

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