Warehousing & Storage L2 Cu1132

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Warehousing and Storage Unit CU1132 1.1 Take appropriate action in the event of fire, emergencies or accidents You should put down your tools quickly and safely, sound the alarm or ask someone else to, exit through the nearest fire exit closing fire doors on your way out. If I saw an accident I would call for the First Aider or get someone else to get him/her, make sure the person is safe, and then afterwards fill out an accident form. 1.2 Identify where alarms, emergency exits, escape routes, emergency equipment and assembly points are located (Completed during Observation). 1.3Demonstrate safe and appropriate use of emergency equipment. (Completed during Observation). 1.4Discriminate between different alarm sounds At Braketec/Shaftec we have only one alarm sound and that is the Fire alarm. 1.5 Comply with equipment operating procedures and manufacturer’s instructions. All my equipment and tools have operating requirements these have been shown to me by a member of staff who is qualified in using them, when I am unsure of how to use them I ask that member of staff to show me again. 1.6 Demonstrate safe handling and lifting techniques. When lifting I have to bend my knees, keep my back straight, make sure I don’t twist my back, and make sure my way is clear from obstructions or trip hazards. (Completed during Observation). 1.7 Demonstrate correct use and maintenance of any protective clothing and/or equipment I have to make sure I wear clean uniforms daily and wear; gloves, goggles, steel toe cap boots and a high visibility vest. (Completed during Observation). 1.8 Comply with personal responsibilities under the Health & Safety at Work Act / COSSH If I am using chemicals I make sure I make sure I use them correctly and store them safely; I make sure I do not mix them and when using them make sure I am wearing the correct P.P.E. We have

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