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Ahem, I honestly thought these things when I wrote this essay last year. Since then, of course, a lot has changed. I have become more ambitious. But still, essentially, I believe a lot of these things. In War and Peace, Leo Tolstoy writes that history cannot be shaped. Those who try are fighting a battle long lost; time is a river that cannot be harnessed- it will run its own wild course. In addition, I believe that the basic human problems are perennial - persecution, prejudice, oppression etc - ride with us in our pockets wherever we go. They are constants in our common history book, flitting across chapters from one page to another, translating to a different culture or scenario. Yet there they always are, and it’s because of them that we have most of history in the first place. The notion that the world was once a better place is really just us clinging to our last hope to prove to that we came from somewhere good. That the state of things around us is not really a reflection of who we are is a cherished hope and prayer. Unfortunately, no one saved a back-up copy of the better world, leaving mankind helplessly stuck. The optimism that things can improve is then a lonely star in a dark night sky. The world cannot be changed in a day, or a decade and I’m beginning to wonder whether it can be altered at all. So I don’t think that leaders and politicians are the ones who can shepherd us to a recovered future. They are only there to facilitate the real heroes - the common man and woman. As the taxpayers, we must play our little roles which may trickle down and accumulate into a revolution. That is really the best shot we have. Hence, twenty years from now when I see my life, I don’t see anything extraordinary in it. Instead, I see an ordinary man trying to live a normal, meaningful life. I hope to have a house for my family - my parents, wife and children, a job

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