War On Poverty In Eastern Kentucky: Article Analysis

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Article Analysis ECO 405 November 01, 2014Article Analysis Provide a brief overview / synopsis of the issue The news article that I chose to write about is “No Victory in War on Poverty in Eastern Kentucky”. Eastern Kentucky is where I was born, raised, and still live to this day. This article was an interesting read about the struggle people are faced with in Eastern Kentucky. The article discusses President Lyndon Johnson’s trip to, a small and very much in need of help, county in Eastern Kentucky. It talks about how times were and how the people of this county needed help. Jobs in this county were hard to find and keep. The people of this town needed help and that was what President Lyndon Johnson tried to provide this people…show more content…
The type of government spending that the people of this county depend on does not create jobs, instead it allows more people of this county to become dependent on this source of living. The government spending in this county is going to food stamps, Medicaid, Medicare, and other government funded programs to help low income individuals and/or families. Government spending is not going toward the making of more job opportunities for the residents of this county, instead it is going toward making the residents more dependent on government funded programs. Why should one go looking for a job when they can sit at home and draw a check? Why should one go looking for a job when they can have another kid and that will increase the amount of money they receive on their food…show more content…
The residents of this county needs help but not they help that the government continues to give to them. They need help in the form of more jobs in their county, instead the government is supplying them with government funded programs. More available jobs can help to decrease poverty levels. Mark Riddix explains, “The death of jobs in the United States has directly impacted the poverty rate” (Riddix, 2011). The government funded programs are supposed to have been a temporary fix for the people of this county. Instead of it being temporary, the residents have continued to stay on the funding and see it as their best option. The government needs to start getting these people off of this funding and start to get them working again. The government can start with the winging off process by one requiring applicants and people that are currently on government funded programs to pass a drug test. Another way is by increasing work among the people that receive these benefits. By requiring recipients that are able-bodied and are not elderly to have work requirements to receive these benefits. Instead of letting them have it for free, they can put some work into getting their funds just like everyone else. Not only is providing more jobs and winging the residents of this county off government assistance programs needed, so is better education for them. This articles bottom line is if their residents are provided with

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