War of Attrition Essay

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Pure silence and deep contemplation clouded the locker room as we prepared for our ensuing battle against our rivals, Simpson Academy. As our coaches began to review our defensive assignments, I walk outside. The warmth of the sun on my face felt great, as I walked to the football field. Hands in my pockets, I wander aimlessly around the north end goal post clearing my head and reviewing my assignments as the defensive secondary’s captain. Kneeling to the earth I rest my head on my hand and recite a prayer. After several minutes, I return to the locker room. Walking towards my locker, I begin to strap on my equipment. After my teammates were dressed we all gathered together for a chant. Usually soft spoken, I gave my teammates a motivational speech about adversity and brotherhood. Soon after our head coach, Mac Barnes gave us a speech as well and grasping one another’s hand we recite the Lord’s Prayer. Lining up, we walked through the double doors and touched a reminder on our way out from a former player who lost his life due to a car accident after practice. Trotting onto the field, the crowd erupts with cheer breaking sound decibels. Simpson makes their way to the field. As the captains from both teams make their ways to center field, disgust and hatred films over my eyes while blood began to rush throughout my body fiercely and my skin began to tighten. The battle was about to commence. Our special teams lines up to kick the ball off. I bury my cleats beneath the earth as our kicker raises his hand and runs towards the ball. POW, the ball is kicked. Exploding from my stance, I race down the field to make the thunderous tackle on the Simpson player. BOOM! His helmet flies off as I stand over

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