War Of 1812: The Conflict Between Britain And The United States

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Trouble had been boiling between the United States and Britain ever since they broke away from the British. There were many issues in which the two sides did not agree on. Before the war started the United States had stopped trading with both Britain and France. The two sides almost worked out an agreement but the British pulled out at the last second. The United states then in 1812 decided to declare war on Britain even though the British were about to agree to the deal and stop the conflict. With more time the policy would have gone through without any violence. The main cause of the war of 1812 was the United States demand for neutral shipping rights. Madison also fed the fire with stories of Indian attacks that were blamed on…show more content…
One of the consequences they got from the war was that their western and southern borders were now protected from the Indians that had been attacking them. Also, I really think this war brought a national sense to this country that made them feel like they could really be a great world power and that created an immediate impact on the economy. This war also blended together the ideas of the two political parties into one Republican Party and then the era of good feelings followed. Also it really patched things up between Canada and the United States. The United States then realized they had to start building their own way to produce goods so that they could survive when there had been a blockade from getting British goods. The war basically made the United States build its own factories and start production. This really helped over the next few years of the economy growing because it provided jobs and goods all at once and in their own country. I think that the war of 1812 was a very pivotal event in the shaping of the United States. Before the war the United States was trying to get more freedom from the British in whom they broke away from. This war provided a way to do that and to get a head start on shaping their own economy. I definitely think that the war was worth the costs with all that it gave back to the United States on their road to being the greatest nation in the
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