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War of 1812 Essay

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  • on October 3, 2012
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Since the American Revolutionary War, there have been many problems between the United States and Great Britain. In order to protect American sailors on the high sea from being searched and captured by the British, James Madison and the War Hawks had declared war on Great Britain on June 18, 1812. Critics called the war “Mr. Madison’s war”, others saw it as a “second war of independence”. The causes of the war of 1812 were trade problems with Great Britain and France, Impressment, the Embargo Act, and problems with Native Americans.
    France and Britain, Europe’s two most powerful nations had battles constantly which affected American trade. America was neutral in the war between Britain and France but traded with both. Britain restricted trade between France and any countries that not allied with them. The Americans had been supplying many needed goods to France. So England blocked all trade between the French and the U.S. Atlantic and Caribbean coasts. The United States view was that Britain’s restrictions violated its right to trade with others. During the war between France and Great Britain, British navy and sailors deserted their ships and worked on American ships. Conditions in the navy and military of most European nations were very difficult through the 1800s.   Sailors especially dealt with extreme living conditions which includes exposure to dangerous diseases, limited food, brutal punishment, and long trips away from home. They had better pay and good living conditions on the American ships. The British navy was having a shortage of men. Even if men applied for the navy, there was still a shortage of men. So the British had authorized Impressment. Impressment was Britain’s practice of stopping American ships and forcing American sailors to work on British ships (since most of the deserters were on American ships). This had made the Americans angry. What made them ever more angered at Impressment was when British naval ships stationed themselves just...

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