War Of 1812 Essay

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3/7/2012 Journal Entry Overcoming Communication a Barrier There was this one time in New Jersey were I joined the Boys and Girls Club in South Trenton. We set out as the Phoenix Keystone for the state of New Jersey to make a difference. Our Phoenix Keystone set out to a retirement home in 2008; at that time I was a Junior In high school making a lot of difference in my Keystone Club. Everyone in the club was given a name and little information about the senior we would encounter. The senior I was to encounter name is Manny Santiago. The information I was given was that he was a retired construction worker at the Age of 72 or something like that, it was so long ago. I met up with Manny when we took the Boys and Girls Club Trip to the Home. I introduced myself promptly to him and one thing I noticed is that he still had a firm grip after all those years. Many came off as a very happy team player and were open to me getting to know him and allowing me to bond with him for a few days after school up to about a week. The one thing is he had a slight case of old-timers and would seldomly forget my name and who I was. This became the communication barrier for me and Manny. To had overcoming it I would develop a series of photos after the second day with him so that he would recall the times and events that took place the days before. Manny would normally look up at me when I told him my name and handed him the photos each day. For me that was like he knew I was no stranger. We got along quite well thought the process to a point where I still feel as though he might just remember who I am if I saw him today by referring to the pictures. Manny kept the photos and I kept his memory thanks to that communication barrier that we overcame

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