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War is Necessary When given this complex assignment on war being necessary, our group had conflicting opinions. Some group members believed that wars could be avoided by discussing the situations that brought the groups to that breaking point. They also felt that war is wrong because of the killing of innocent civilians and the destruction of civilizations. Others believed that war was a necessary part of civilizations. They believed that, was often very tragic it can in most instances produce many beneficial outcomes. We then sat down and debated both sides of the issue through research and personal interviews that we as a group conducted. We had done earlier research on the Crusades so we decided to look at the Crusades as the backbone for our thesis. We began to delve into the Crusades and the benefits and atrocities that this war created. Through our research we discovered many benefits to mankind that this “holy war” produced. Ultimately we came to the conclusion that, War is a necessary evil to help progress human advancement in many areas, the spread of ideas from one culture to another, and the advancement of women in society. To completely understand our thesis and how we came to it we decided to provide some of the information and background on the Crusades before we delve into our reasons for coming to the thesis that war is necessary. There were a total of eight Crusades, and the first took place from 1095-1101. The last Crusade, the eighth, took place in 1270, so in essence, the Crusades lasted from 1095-1270. This is a long era of wars to have taken place, and in fact, they still took place after 1270. During the Crusades, the knights would die of hunger, thirst, or disease. They would also make vows before going on a crusade, and sometimes during a crusade, the knights would break their vows and ride off into the village closest by. The

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