War Measures Act Essay

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War Measures Act essay I agree that Canada was justified in its enactment of the War Measures Act of 1914. The War Measures Act was enacted on 22 August 1914, and gave the federal government full authority to do everything deemed necessary “for the security, defense, peace and welfare of Canada”. This act gave the government the power to strip ordinary Canadians of their civil liberties. I agree because World War 1 helped Canada win more independence from Britain. Before the Great War, Canada had very little identity. Canada didn’t have its flag nor anthem. For the first time in its history, Canadians forces fought as a distinct unit. During the World War 1, Canada really started to set itself apart as a sovereign country. It started to be a force on the battle field and contributed to many important battles and won a few battles. Especially, the victory at Vimy Ridge made Canadian proud. The Canadians had gained more ground, taken more prisoners, and captured more artillery than any previous British offensive in the entire war. And it took Canadians only four days to take over Vimy Ridge. Also, during the World War 1, Prime Minister Borden gave the right to vote to woman. It allowed women to play a role in society. Women got a job outside the house and be an active part of the society. The most significant change was in women’s contribution to the labor force. Without the efforts of woman on the home front, Canada’s wartime economy would have collapsed. The war also had a very negative effect on Canada. Over 60,000 people died and thousands more were wounded. The federal government had broken its promise not to impose conscription. But in the end, World War 1 made Canada an independent

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