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War In Iraq Essay

  • Submitted by: chorroboy
  • on March 19, 2009
  • Category: Social Issues
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War In Iraq: Good Or Bad?

Both of the candidates have opposing ideas of what should be done next in Iraq. Sen. Obama has the idea of definitely withdrawing from Iraq and leave Iraq the way it is right now. Sen. McCain has the idea of continuing pressure on Iraq until U.S. can assure that Iraq won’t fall in the hands of terrorism. I think that what should be done is what Sen. McCain proposes, I have gone many times through his plan and I think that is better than Sen. Obama’s plan. Sen. McCain explains clearly that withdrawing would bring total instability to Iraq which is true because right now there is not a stable government yet. If Sen. Obama’s Plan was followed then there would be a big problem because then it would be a fact that Iraq would be taken by Al Qaeda. Also its important to highlight that this strategy that U.S. military forces and government have developed it truly works because two clear examples of successful are Panama and Hong Kong, both were taken by United States and slowly were given back, right now both of them have a strong government and what is most important, they are wealthy. In both cases United States gave time to reestablish a good democracy, and strong economy, to the point that Hong Kong’s dollar costs more than U.S. dollar. Now, if Sen. Obama’s plan was followed then Iraq would be left by themselves without clue on what’s next, and this would be something similar that happened in Colombia, once we finally got rid of Spain we were going to establish a government but, we had no clue on how to do so. The aftermath of Colombian problem ended on a period which is called “La patria boba” which means “The dumb country” because we didn’t know what was next, this lead to a great civil war, this civil war was so tough that nobody could wear red or blue because this would show their political views and they would be killed. Taking into account what happened in Colombia, I’m sure that this same problem could happen in Iraq with the...

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