War and Peace in Haiti

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Many countries throughout the world are considered developing countries. These countries are in dire economic straits. These countries may also experience many different problems as a result of the economic strain. For these countries, it may seem like there is no solution to their existing problems. This is where foreign aid plays a large part in helping these countries achieve financial stability. Haiti is one of these countries where foreign aid is beginning to make a difference. Some of the problems in Haiti that foreign aid is helping with are providing improvements to the educational systems, helping the job market to become more stable and lowering crime rates. In order for a country to be considered one of the least developed countries in the world, it must meet all three criteria according to the United Nations to be considered one of the least developed countries. The first criterion that must be met is a 3-year average estimate of the gross national income with a threshold of $992. The country must reach a threshold of $1,190 for removal from the list. (United Nations, 2013). The second criterion that must be met is based on the percentage of the population that is malnourished, physical health of the people in the country, specifically the rate of child mortality, extremely low levels of school enrollment and a low rate of adult literacy. (United Nations, 2013). The third and final criterion that must be met for inclusion on this list is the economic vulnerability of the country based on indicators such as natural disasters that the country has been unable to recover from, trade related issues that negatively effect the economy, remoteness of the country and the size of the population. The country must also not have a population of greater than 75 million people (United Nations, 2013). The country of Haiti has been in crisis due to war, civil
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