“War And Peace” In French Art Essay

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“War and Peace” in French Art The artist’s works served as a mirror of social political and cultural events throughout the most periods of art history of the world. Masterpieces of Rococo and Neoclassical periods are not exception. We often find that certain styles found mysterious ways to reincarnate themselves during different points of time and space. I’d like to start with the formal analysis of the painting called Are you thinking about the Grapes by Francois Boucher. It’s a classic representative of the Rococo period. It’s inspired by the popular 18th century Parisian play. As we know Rococo period didn’t only include painting. It also referred to the Rococo style works of writers and performing artists. This painting illustrates how an artist was inspired by the work of the other artists. I find it pretty interesting. Boucher depicts a young shepherd and shepherdess exchanging the grapes while being surrounded by the lovely landscape and farm animals. We don’t see any lines because the painting is complete and the drawing doesn’t show through. We see plenty of shapes and contours though. We see the gentle shapes of human bodies and the smooth lines of their clothes, along with rounded soft shapes of the goats. The trees on the background also have the idealized soft and rounded shapes. The colors are also soft, transparent, and muted. I’d say that they are more of the pastel colors. The artist creates a strong focal point by the use of bright color for Sheppard’s clothes. His shirt is bright blue, his jacket is yellow, and shorts are bright red as if the artist used the paint straight out of the tube. The shepherdess dress makes a good contrast by being a saddle variation of grayish blue and purple. Just as colors of the clothes, the skin tones are also different. Sheppard has a nice tan body with the healthy red chicks versus elegant and pale skin

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