War and Peace Essay

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Assessment for Unit 1 Name: jj Please complete and upload this assessment to the assessment post area ONLY AFTER you’ve completed the assignments and discussions and reviewed my feedback in the Grades screen for Unit 1 assignments. *You can re-take assessments if and only if you’ve completed all work and discussions for unit 1. Answer each question below – be sure to spell check/proofread before saving and uploading to Moodle. 1. Your friend Sara can’t decide whether she should go straight to work after high school or go onto a technical, 2-year, or 4-year college. Explain to her why she should consider going on for more education and training and how this could affect her future income potential. The amounts of opportunities available with further schooling are much greater than with no post high school education. Not only are there more options but the quality of jobs offered with more years of education increases. Those who go on to 2 or 4 year schools make more money than those who do not and also will more likely have greater living standards. 2. Sara has narrowed down her career choices to becoming a Registered Nurse or an Accountant. Help her research the two careers. First, advise her as to which websites can help her and why. Second, compare the two careers in terms of what she’d be doing, the job outlook, and the required education. First I would recommend her to use the website wiscareers.wisc.edu because there she can get a lot of good information about both jobs in detail. Being a registered nurse she would be providing patients and their families with expert health care. The job outlook has excellent employment opportunities. Registered nurses must complete programs approved by the state and accredited by the National League for Nursing. Being an accountant she would need to maintain records of the assets and debts of businesses

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