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What does the war bring to you after it ends ? A pride, a shame or a veterant ? Looking at the photo, I can see the impression of decorated uniform doesn’t cover the miserableness of the war. It somehow brings to me the two side of a matter. The pride you get from being a marine segerant, a commander or a soldier. With tough and sedicive orders. The admiration you get from people to how barace you are. But on the other side, it covers the man’s fear of the loss from the devil war, the sadness from being separated from beloved ones and family. The two veterants are not just embracing but they are sharing the compassion to each other. They know how hard it is to be at the fronts. They put an idea to people that we have to stop the war to avoid it so that someday there won’t be a picture showing us another veterans embracing each others anymore. They are proud that they fought for their countries or at least did something protecting the people. But they also with their following is not going to do the same thing and not going to get hurt in both mentality and phisicality. If we don’t have war, we wouldn’t have Veteran’s Day. We don’t have to memory the bad past, the loss and the missing. We don’t have to see a lot of veterants with artificial part of body coming to the Memorial Ceremony. It’s not because we are scared. It’s not because we are not brave. It’s not because we don’t appreciate the sacrifice of the people who have been willing to leave their peaceful to join the war. It’s just because we cherish the peace. We cherish the lives. We are so hopeful that some stupid people, who have nothing to do, don’t create war again. I don’t want to lose any member of my family. And you do too. The loss of the veterans and their family rings a bell to us to love this peaceful world more, to care about others more and not to forget who brought the peace

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