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As previously mentioned, the majority of Wannsee Conference transcripts were destroyed in an attempt by participants to disguise their tracks. The sole copy of that fateful meeting’s minutes was discovered amongst the papers of undersecretary Martin Luther in 1947. By this time, the most influential partakers of that conference were dead or missing, and those who were not showed absolutely no remorse for the consequences of that gathering. The only participant who did was Permanent Secretary Kritzinger. The minutes retrieved from the desk of Undersecretary Luther have no mention of murder: however mass murder was indeed talked about during the closing of the conference. Eichmann was instructed by Heydrich to reduce these last twenty minutes into one vague sentence: “In conclusion, the different types of possible solutions were discussed.” The eighty-five minute meeting was nothing special to its attendees; it was simply considered to be “a meeting amongst many” during their hectic weeks. No detailed planning was done at the conference; most of the time was taking up by Heydrich, who presented an extremely long speech that Eichmann believed had two purposes. The first was to assert his control over the ministries present, as well as gaining the support of any ministries likely to object to the mass murder of the Jews. Historian Peter Longerich believes there was a third motive behind the conference: to turn all high-ranking officials into accomplices of Heydrich’s plan. There have been two attempts to turn the Vaansee House into a Holocaust Memorial: The first was in 1965, by Historian Joseph Wulf. His attempt was shut down by the Berlin Senate, which sent Wulf into a great depression, causing him to commit suicide at his home at the age of 61. The house was finally turned into a memorial in 1992, with an entire floor dedicated to Joseph Wulf. The

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