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Morals and Values Values and morals set out a way of living and decisions made during life. A person’s values and morals are different for each and every person. Values and morals affect daily life and changes for every single person. In the book The Good Earth, the main character Wang Lung has similar values and morals as a typical teenager. Friendship is a bond between two people who know basically everything about each other. Friendship to me is being able to tell someone everything and they know everything about the other person. From the book The Good Earth, Wang Lung and Ching were friends even when Ching was with a bunch of bandits who robbed Wang Lung’s home. Ching was always there for Wang Lung when he needed help, for instances when O-lan was…show more content…
Hard work to me is when a person works hard to achieve something that they set out to do in life. In the book The Good Earth, Wang Lung was always working hard to achieve some kind of goal. An example is even in Wang Lung’s old age he still had the urge to work on the land as a farmer. Another example is that Wang Lung had a goal to have as much land as possible. Wang Lung achieved this goal by working hard on the land everyday and even when the family moved to the city for awhile, Wang Lung had a job all day to provide food for his family. A couple examples from my own life is that during the summer I had a full time job working as a summer intern at a law firm. I worked twenty plus hours a week. Another example is in cheerleading, I had to learn all the cheers, chats, dances, and fight songs to cheer at games. It required a lot of hard work and dedication of time and patients. Another example is when I am in gymnastics season I train up to eight hours a week just to place top third in completions everytime. I think hard work is a very important value and moral because it makes a person stronger and more determined to reach their

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