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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Now a days, everyone likes to have more comfort in life. As progress relentlessly towards this it has been realized that this is the time to pay increasing attention to the subject of human comfort and entertainment. That’s why there is a huge growing demand of fashionable goods in this world and lots of companies are paying their attention in this regard. Walton Technologies Corporation is one of the sister concerns of R.B. Group of companies Ltd. is now one of the leading companies in Bangladesh. It holds its long cherished desire to be the Number One Company in Bangladesh both in volume and turnover. which inspired it to go for expansion of its market internally to establish as a high quality achiever. In this connection Walton is doing pretty good in this highly competitive electronics market. And there is a tremendous role of the dealers to promote the products through effective salesmanship to the customers. They are of vital importance for every company because they make a huge contribution in marketing and promoting of electronics products. So the more effective and efficient the sale forces are, the more profit they can make for their own as well as the company. This research program is undertaken especially to judge the market position of Walton. In spite of its sincere efforts, excellent image and credibility, the company is pressurized by the growing and aggressive competition in the industry. Faced with increasing competition in the market and huge sales target Walton realized the fact that there is no way but to be more aggressive in marketing. Though happy with the existing marketing system yet Walton management wants to keep their eyes open for unseen days and wants to develop their existing marketing system to cope with changing environment. Therefore Walton management has assigned to prepare a survey on The Market

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