Walther P22 Semiautomatic Handgun Research Paper

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It's a sunny day when you're walking to school, and you notice that it's one of the first warm days of spring, and a particularly nice one. You're in a good mood, and wondering how you did on the mid chapter exam that Liviu Librescu gave yesterday as you walk into his class to find him laying on the ground-in a pool of his own blood. As you look around, you see others in a similar state, and then you see a deranged man in front of you, brandishing a handgun. This is how the day would have gone at Virginia Tech on April 16 2007. On that fateful day, Seung-Hui Cho, a 23 year old senior at Virginia Tech, brought a .22-caliber Walther P22 semiautomatic handgun and a 9 mm semiautomatic Glock 19 handgun to school and proceeded to shoot and kill 32…show more content…
According to Gerald Baker, a prestige writer for the New York Times, Cho had easy accessibility to a .22-caliber Walther P22 semiautomatic handgun and a 9 mm semiautomatic Glock 19 handgun. Two months previous, a Virginia court declared Cho to be a danger to himself and others around him, and sentenced him to psychiatric treatment. Because of gaps between federal law and Virginia state laws, Virginia did not report Cho's status to the federal National Instant Criminal Background Check system, and he was able to purchase the guns. This is a very disturbing event, because it means that a criminal from a different state could have gone into Virginia and purchased guns without a background check, given he was within the gap time period. But, because of the Virginia Tech massacre, Virginia Governor Timothy Kaine addressed this problem and intends to close the gaps between the two law systems. According to NBC news, many other flaws in our legal system's rules about hand gun policies are being debated and fixed today as a result of the Virginia Tech Massacre. As you can see, this event needs to be remembered so that we can fix the hand gun policies in America and to prevent future

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