Walter Mitty v. Uncle Marcos

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Character Analysis Essay The short stories “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and “Uncle Marcos” are both about courageousness and adventure, but in their own ways. “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” is about a regular man who is constantly nagged by his wife but escapes by venturing off into exciting daydream. The story “Uncle Marcos” is about an eccentric man who comes up with crazy inventions and is adored by his niece Clara. The two short stories are very similar but extremely different at the same time. “Uncle Marcos” is an excerpt from a story called The House of The Spirits by Isabel Allende. The Short story is about Uncle Marcos, a man who makes inventions and goes on voyages around the world. His family thinks he is burden because he brings all of his things back to his sister Nivea’s house. His niece Clara looks up to him and Marcos tells her about the crazy adventures he had been on. She aspires to be as courageous as her uncle. He is very outspoken and kind of crazy but Clara looks past that and sees a man who is creative and intelligent. Walter Mitty lives a pretty depressing life. Every day he gets nagged by his wife and has to hold his tongue because he is afraid of how she will respond if he did otherwise. His daydreams are a break from his bland life. In his dreams he is a hero and he is self-confident. He longs to have more confidence and to be the man in his daydreams so that he can tell his wife to get off of his back. In the end Walter finally responds to her nagging and she is barely affected by it. The two main characters in these stories find their own ways to be who they want to be. Weather it’s making a crazy flying contraption or daydreaming about a war pilot. Walter Mitty and Uncle Marcos could learn something from each other, Marcos could learn to be a little more reserved and Walter could learn to speak

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