Walter Mitty Analysis

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Analysis Of the Secret Life of Walter Mitty Story The short story that I will do an analysis on is the Secret Life of Walter Mitty, written by James Thurber in March of 1939. This story centers around the hilarious and amusing daydreams of Walter Mitty. Walter is an ordinary man, who resides in Waterbury, Connecticut, with his overbearing, nagging wife Mrs. Mitty. Throughout this short story Mitty is characterized as being a pathetic, timid man, who daydreams to deal with situations and conflicts that arise in his life, with his wife and others he encounters on a daily basis. The genre of this short story would be comedy, Thurber’s writing style is quiet creative and imaginative, with themes of adventure and escapism and also I believe imagery. This is partly what got me interested in the story. I think it was creative and extreme when Walter began daydreaming. The story was fluent and I never got bored reading it. I found myself looking forward to more, I was sad it was only a short story. Symbols as defined in the text are, “An object, person, or action that conveys two meanings: its own literal meaning and something it stands for as well” (Clugston 2010) The symbols in this story are the car since Mitty is unable to correctly park, the overshoes that he insists he doesn’t need, the gloves, and the tire chains he can’t correctly remove from the vehicle. I also feel imagery is related to this story sense the text identifies it as “A distinct representation of something that can be experienced and understood through the senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste), or the representation of an idea. Writers use precise language in developing images, or imagery, in literature” (Clugston 2010). Thurber is using the daydreams as a representation of an idea that spins out of control. Characters in this short story are of course, Walter Mitty, Mrs. Mitty,
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