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aTrudy Ring is a reporter, editor, and frequent writer on literary subjects. In the following essay, Ring provides an introduction to "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty", comments on the universal appeal of the main character, and examines the themes presented in Thurber's story. Walter Mitty is one of literature's great dreamers. He spends much of his time escaping into fantasies in which he is brilliant and heroic, and his life is dramatic and adventurous. The enduring popularity of "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" is undoubted ly due in great part to readers' ability to identify With Mitty; after all, most of us find our lives at times mundane and unsatisfying, and use daydreams to enter a more interesting world. Mitty is, of course, an extreme case when It comes to daydreaming. In the single afternoon covered by the story's action, he imagines he is a. "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty," introduces Mr. Walter Mitty as the title character. He is an average, everyday sort of man, with one large exception: his incredibly rich fantasy life. This theme of escaping from a feeble actuality while retreating into a fulfilling dream world is the major issue that the story rides upon. Nearly everything in Walter's life is bringing him down. He is getting older, not the young man he used to be, and is feeling the effects of that. His wife reminds him of this constantly, insisting that he needs to get overshoes because of his age, and also telling him to take the car to the garage every time he needs to remove the chains, because he is too old to do it any longer. Mrs. Mitty is a major player in creating Walter's ineffective life. Partly because of his progressing years, and also seemingly...

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