Walter Lee Younger’s Magic Transformation

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Walter Lee Younger’s Magic Transformation By half way through the third act of the play A Raisin in the Sun, Walter Lee Younger Junior, the main male character of the story, has an epiphany. He very suddenly and dramatically changes his view from the beginning of play and this scene, thus changing the ending from eminent sadness for his family to joy and excitement. This is not very realistic of how people usually act and it would be plausible to envision an ending where Walter did not have this turnaround and continued on his same path of self- destruction, hurting his family in the process. He starts the scene saying that he is “…Gonna put on a show for the man. Give him what he wants to see” (Hansberry 142) referring to the man who wants to prevent the Younger family from moving into a predominantly Caucasian neighborhood with a bribe. Walter announces to his family that he is now planning to accept the bribe, “That white man is going to walk in that door able to write checks for more money than we ever had” (Hansberry 143.) His whole family is devastated and his mother, Mama, speaks of their ancestors “I come from five generations of people who was sharecroppers and slaves- but ain’t nobody in my family ever let nobody pay ‘em no money that was a way of telling us we wasn’t fit to walk the Earth” (Hansberry 143.) Walter is not ashamed by what Mama says and simply tells his family that he wants better things in life. He want to live a different life than the one that they had grown accustomed to and he was okay with making this sacrifice to achieve that goal, “Hell yes, I want me some yachts someday! I want to hang pearls around my wife’s neck” (Hansberry 143.) Walter ends the scene and the play however with a completely different outlook. When Mr. Linder, the man offering the Youngers the bribe, arrives at their apartment to do business Walter starts a
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