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Research Proposal Timeka Pearman University of Phoenix STR/581 Charles Raney June 3, 2013 Research Proposal In order for one to know where one is going, they must first know where they have been, which holds truth for organizations as well. As an organization seeks to increase its competitive edge both an internal and external environmental analysis is administered. Furthermore, a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis is completed as part of the process. The organization can look at the same report for both internal and external analysis data. This paper will identify the different sources used to validate the vision, mission, and value statements. It will also reveal a variety of resources used to compile data for both internal and external environmental analysis. Vision, Mission, and Value Statement Validation The vision, mission and value statements of any organization are important components of a strategic plan. Employees, managers, and stakeholders should have a clear understanding of each statement and abide by them for the organization to function successfully in the market. Validation of these three statements is a continual process. At a minimum, annual reviews must be administered to ensure the accuracy of each statement reflects the organization’s strategic plan. The mission statement should provide a general description of the organization’s fundamental reason for existing and the functional role that the organization plays in our competitive environment (Mintzberg, Lampel, Quinn, & Goshal, 2003). The organization will review the mission, vision and, value statements to verify each one is aligned with the organization’s current status, competencies, and future direction as well. Employees will make up a focus group that’s responsible for reviewing the statements and providing a list of

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