Walmart Checkout Essay

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Wal-mart Check-out Area The checkout area is located along the two main entrances in front of the store. Here is where all the items that the consumer wants to purchase are paid for and checked out of the store’s inventory. There are 32 checkout lanes separated like this: * Regular checkout (20): These are the regular lanes to check out any amount of items. Even though there are many lanes they are not always open at the same time. Only some of them are working and they are opened and closed during different times of the day depending on the number of customers waiting in line to check out their items. They have a conveyor, on which the customer places the items he/she is purchasing. The conveyor constantly moves forward toward the checker, who then scans the items, puts the items in bags, and proceeds to tell the customer the total amount due for the purchase. Customers can pay in either cash, check, debit/credit card, or gift card. The checkout time on these lanes varies from 2 to 3.5 minutes depending on how many items are being checked out. * 20 items or less (8): there are eight of these checkout lanes. The main purpose of these lanes is to quickly checkout customers who have few items to checkout, instead of getting in line behind another customer checking out a full cart, and speed up the process. These lanes have a conveyor and are assisted by a cashier person. The cashier helps the customer packs his/her items, tells the customer the amount due for the purchases and proceeds to take the payment. The average waiting time from the customer arriving until payment is completed is about 1.5 minutes. * Self-checkout lanes (4): these are grouped together and supervised by one employee. The customer walks up to the station and manually scans and packs his/her purchases guided by the computer. After the customer has placed all his purchases in the
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