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Walmart According to Forbes Global, Walmart is the 18th largest corporation globally (DeCarlo). One may think that one of the largest and most popular companies in the world would be an asset to have in your town. Unfortunately, Walmart has not had the best reputation. Walmart has proved to be one of the most destructive companies because it does not support the union, abuses and discriminates against its employees, and negatively impacts its communities. Walmart is an antiunion company that causes its employees to suffer. Although Walmart claims to think that they are not anti union, but pro-associate, they still prove true to be violating many laws that a unionized company would not stand for. Although Walmart may appear to be looking out for their employees, having the benefits of a union in your job is one of the most important aspects in a career. The union provides several benefits to its workers such as: higher salaries, pensions, and better health insurance benefits. Working together as a union improves the quality of services provided and allows opinions to be heard on local, state, and national levels. Walmart on the other hand, is one of the most anti-union companies in the United States. “19% of Walmart employees lack health insurance. The cost of uncompensated care for those workers adds an estimated $202 million in taxpayer costs” (“Walmart Movie”). Because of how great Walmart is perceived to be on the outside, once workers begin their careers, they soon realize how contradicting their advertisements really are. Walmart is constantly hiring new workers to dissolve the percentage of people that are for the Union. “In 2000, ten butchers at a Walmart Super Center in Jacksonville, Texas, voted to join a union. Less than a month later, Walmart switched to pre-packaged meats, eliminating butchers from it’s stores nationwide” (Chicago Tribune).

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