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Business Ethics April 11, 2011 Wall Street The main character of the movie Wall Street is Bud Fox. Bud Fox is a stockbroker that works in Jackson Steinem & Co. He is ambitious and has a strong desire to get to the top. He hopes to one day become involved with one of the top Wall Street brokers Gordon Gekko. Gordon Gekko is known to be high-powered and extremely successful but also ruthless and greedy. Bud Fox visits Gordon Gekko on his birthday and pitches him stocks but Gekko was simply unimpressed. Fox realizing that Gekko may not do business with him provides Gekko with some inside information about Bluestar Airlines. Fox returns to his office discouraged but receives a call from Gekko to place an order for Bluestar stock, making Gekko one of Bud’s clients. Gekko seems to have an interest in Fox so he takes him under his wing. Gekko compels Fox to get new inside information by any means necessary. Fox was assigned by Gekko to spy on a British corporate Lawrence Wildman and to find out what his future plans were. Through Fox’s spying, Gekko invests on big money and Wildman was forced to buy Gekko’s shares. Fox soon finds himself swept with the “good life,” fast money, and fast women. Fox also gets a promotion in Jackson Steinem because of the large commission fees he is bringing in from Gekko’s trading. He continues to attain insider information for Gekko and also uses his friends to buy stocks to get himself rich. Fox pitches a new idea to Gekko to buy and expand Bluestar Airlines. He was able to persuade his father, who dislikes Gekko, to get union support for the plan and to push for the deal. Fox later learns that Gekko plans to dissolve Bluestar Airlines and to sell of their assets, leaving Fox’s father Carl and the entire Bluestar staff unemployed. Although Fox would invest on a lot of money on this deal, he is angered by Gekko’s deceit,

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