Wallace v Jaffree

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Wallace v. Jaffree Teacher: Hello students? What’s your topic about? Student1: We’ll be talking about a case involving an Alabama law authorized teachers to start of each day for a moment of "silent meditation or voluntary prayer." The case was argued in December 4, 1984 Teacher: You may begin Student2: First and foremost the issue was an Alabama law requiring that each school day begins with a one minute period of "silent meditation or voluntary prayer. Student1: Public schools may not sponsor, supervise, conduct, or encourage any Student to lead, conduct or recite bible readings, religious Invocations or other religious ceremonies in any school activity. Student2: A student's parent whose name was Jaffree sued alleging that this law violated the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment because it forced students to pray and basically exposed them to religious indoctrination Student1: Jaffree decided to file this suit after his three children reported that their teachers had led prayers in school. Student2: Jaffree claimed that the 1981 and 1982 Alabama statutes on prayer in public schools violated the establishment clause of the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Student1: According to the Court, this was a clear violation of the 1st Amendment's establishment clause Student2: The majority of people believed that the law is in violation of the First Amendment and must be overturned. Teacher: Who was Wallace? Student1: Wallace was the governor of Alabama at that time Student2: As the case was going on, Jaffree's children were excluded and ridiculed by classmates because of their father's opposition to school prayer. Student1: Finally the Court decided 6-3 that the Alabama law was

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