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Wall Street Essay

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Below is an essay on "Wall Street" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Brent blas
Period B-3
Wall street money never sleeps
Extra credit
Why did wall street fall and how did it go back up?
Stocks trade 31% of 52% it might keep happeing and the street needs a say in it. The stock was tradeing   they want to trade for $2. 15 thousend jobs on the line when wall street crashed.   By Tuesday 15 thousend pepole will be out of the job world wide. What I like about the movie is that they discuss on what should and shouldn’t happen and what they need to do to bring the stock market back up cause if they don’t pepole witll be out of the jobs and they don’t want that to happen so they are working really hard to fix it. So in the futuer it wont happen again. When wall street crash everyone was freaking out cause they were afraid they would lose there jobs and they would not be getting   payed enough. They also need to make a statement on what happen. The stock was tradeing at 79 back then. They wanted 2 bucks a share . if they don’t share they would go bankcropsi. They decied 3 bucks a share. What does share price mean in the stock market? In the USA, it is the price in dollars that one share of a company's stock sells for. Shares that trade on an exchange usually display the last sale price. Quotes in a newspaper are usually the last trade of the day. They have to trade to get money and if they don’t then lose money just like if you trade someone like on your fanasty football team if you trade someone that will give you more points as if the person that your tradeing with it could effect your team and you will lose your points as if your player is hurt your points can go down or up if there not hurt your points go up. One thing I don’t like about the movie is that when jake whent behind winnie’s back he was contecting with her father behind her back. When wall street crash it effect the whole world everything went down in the world. What was one thing I like about the movie was that winnie and jake get back toghether and she trust her...

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