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Abstract Consumer behavior is the set of value-seeking activities that take place as people go about addressing realized needs. In this paper, I explain my findings while observing consumers as they shop for specific items. I observed six different consumers in three different aisles in a grocery store. I will discuss the different behaviors, how the consumer determines the value for their purchase. I will explain the differences I seen when consumers are going through the consumer perception process and how manufactures and stores get these consumers to buy their product. Keywords: consumer behavior; value; consumer perception process; Walking the Aisle Identify the store and the time of day you made your observation To observe consumer behavior, I visited a Publix grocery store located at 1591 Highway 20 Conyers, GA 30012. I visited the store on Tuesday January 28, 2013 at approximately 4pm. On Tuesday it was snowing outside and here in Atlanta, snow is not something that we get very much of, so the grocery store was very busy and very hectic. The aisles I observed were the cereal aisle, the bread aisle, and the soup aisle. I chose these aisles hoping I would be able to observe different consumers and how they chose which product they were shopping for. Analyze the behaviors you observed to determine how consumers progressed through the consumer behavior process while in different aisles When observing the consumers at Publix, I chose to observe 6 different consumers. A-F. I observe two consumers in the cereal aisle (A, B), two in the bread aisle (C, D), and two in the soup aisle (E, F). I have included the details of my observation in the Appendix of this paper. A consumer’s behavior can be thought of as the actions, reactions, and the consequences. When a consumer decides to buy a product, the consumer gives up not only time to

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