Walker Evans at the Moma Essay

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Esteban Reyes ART 236-006 Professor Towery October 22 2013 Walker Evans at the MoMa I did not know how great Walker Evans was until I seen his exhibition at the MOMA. The first photograph I seen was “Penny Picture Display”. What caught my eye is how he angled the stripe pole right one the middle of the photograph and a barbershop right behind of it matching the pole. I also liked how the whole picture is in the correct focus, how detailed you could see the corners and edges of the building, so great use of exposure. I admire how Walker Evans managed to travel all over the east of the Mississippi River, and too both black and white neighborhood. In “Negro Barber Shop Interior” shows a photograph of the inside of a typical African American barber shop in Atlanta, and in “Penny Picture Display” you could see the outside of regular white barber shop. I also like how he took pictures of regular people in the streets. In the photograph “City Lunch Counter” he took a photograph of three men eating lumch at restaurant in New York City, he caught one men drinking his milk, another taking a bite of his food and the last one holding on to his cup on the table, so good timing on this picture. Another good photograph that I liked was “Parked Car”, he focus only on the parked car with a men and lady inside of it. You could look at the back and see that everything else is blurred out and the depth of field of the car is nicely focused. One final photograph that caught my attention was “Alabama Teneant Farmer Family Singing Hymns” I like how the family is nicely arranged by height, and I noticed how only one of them seems to notices he is

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