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“Walker” (1987) Film Review The film “Walker” (1987) starring Ed Harris as William Walker and Peter Boyle as Cornelius Vanderbilt is a great example of the how the growing nation of the United States of America handles foreign policy in the mid 1800s. In this film William Walker uses forces of hard and soft power to achieve his means to an end. “Walker” is a good example of the idea of Manifest Destiny, idealism vs realism, actual vs declaratory policy and how the United States started to colonize. Even though the film is not one hundred percent historically accurate I think the director Alex Cox did a good job of putting the film together. Cox also used many anachronisms throughout the movie. I do not know if this was intentional or not but if it was it could be used to have a relying message that the foreign policy of this time period extends even further than this time period. I would recommend you using this film to teach upcoming classes for this section of discussion. William Walker was born in Nashville, Tennessee in 1824. Walker was a well educated man. He graduated from the University of Nashville at fourteen studied medicine in Europe and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania by age twenty( Britannica). William Walker showed his interest in the U.S. Foreign policy when he picked up journalism in his mid twenties. Walker believed strongly in Manifest Destiny and colonizing throughout the world. By the time he was in his late twenties he traveled to Mexico in attempt set up a colony within Mexican borders. After his first failed attempt, Walker gathered supporters of his ideas of Manifest Destiny and headed back to Mexico again. After running out of supplies Walker and his men retreated back north to California. The United States saw Walker's actions against Mexico and charged him with breaking the Neutrality Act of 1794, later finding him not

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