Walk Essay

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I rise from a deep sleep to a cold nose and incessant whining. I know what comes next… the walk. As I get out of my car the cool breeze from the lake hits my face, and now I know I am awake. I find the leash buried deep under the back seat of my car and tie him up. Whipping back and forth, his tail can not hide his excitement. As we head for the woods crisp fall leaves crunch with his every step. I tug on his leash as he sniffs and christens every bush and tree he finds. His head moves in circles with all the different scents in the air, he does not know which trail to follow. His nose twitches and his ears perk up with the sudden sound of another creature lurking. In a flash, he jerks the leash and attempts to charge at the squirrel who has safely reached refuge high up in a tree. Crying at the bottom of the tree , he realizes he has no shot. With a nudge of the leash he continues down a winding path. Once I know the path is clear and there is not a soul in sight it is safe to take him off his leash, like a horse he is galloping free. The sound of a swiftly moving river attracts his attention. As we near the water, he takes one look back at me, I give him the okay, and he splashes into the river. He comes back with a stick that he wants me to throw. With intent eyes, he watches my every move as I wind up to throw it . As fast as a bullet he sprints towards the water and then dives to fetch the stick. Swimming like a fish, he recovers the stick, returns it to me only to repeat this game . The water seems to be his favorite part of our hikes. Once I finally get him out of the river, his only intent is finding the next body of water to jump into. The game of stick and swim continues until, with a treat, I finally convince him to follow me. As he nears closer to me, I realize his next move, the shake, and though I try and move away, he is

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