Walgreens Swot Analysis Essay

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Management’s decisions influence how a company works and can affect the outcome of a business. The best way for management to see their options are through S.W.O.T. analysis. I chose to do this report on Walgreens. I plan to research and learn how they manage their company and deal with competitors. By the end of this report, you will know and understand how Walgreens operates and why they operate the way they do. Started in 1901 by Charles R. Walgreens, Walgreens has become one of the leading pharmacies in the United States. Walgreen Pharmacies pride themselves not only on service but convenience and therefore outpace their competitors with the number of stores open 24 hours a day. Walgreens serves 4 million customers daily and fills…show more content…
Discount stores, like Wal-mart, are opening pharmacies. Just like everything else they sell, these stores are promoting low cost prescriptions. Unfortunately, Walgreens cannot compete with their low prices. Discount stores aren’t the least of Walgreens competitors. Supercenters and Grocery stores are also adding pharmacies to their stores. Since, on average, an American consumer visits a grocery store 2.2 times per week, but only visits the pharmacy once a month. Since Walgreens main focus is customer convenience, they are losing business to other, more convenient, pharmacy locations. Another weakness is the store layout. Walgreens is known as a pharmacy, yet the pharmacy counter is usually located in the farthest corner with no signs or design showing customers how to get there. This layout goes against their advertising of being convenient, since majority of its customers are only there for a quick trip to the pharmacy. Also, Walgreens stores are highly filled with unneeded merchandise. They come off to customers as overcrowded and with the portrayal of merchandise stacked all the way to the

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