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Walgreens Essay Anita Henderson BUSS460 Rich Rawlinson March 7, 2010 In his popular book about business, Jim Collins discusses ways businesses can improve their performance, making a good company a great one. This paper discusses these concepts in regard to Walgreens. Walgreens is a great company to shop for a numerous of items, but the pay scale is downgraded for the amount of business that it produces. Collins begins by dismissing a number of “myths” about what has to happen in order for a company to effect change. The myths are as follows: first, there is the “Change Program,” the idea that all change begins with some sort of “launch event” (Collins, 2001). Next is the myth of the “Burning Platform,” which is the idea that change…show more content…
“Cork” Walgreen III. In the 1970s, Walgreens’ rival Eckerd Corporation looked as though it was going to be the big winner in the drug store industry, only to be overtaken by Walgreens (Hattwick, 2005). The difference in the two companies’ success is the difference in their leaders: Jack Eckerd was a dynamo of energy who “had an uncanny genius for figuring out 'what' to do but little ability to assemble the right 'who' on the executive team” (Hattwick, 2005). He took two small stores and built an empire of over 1,000 store locations in the southeast United States (Hattwick, 2005). But then Eckerd left to pursue his passion, politics, and without him at the helm, the company began to fail and was eventually bought by J.C. Penney (Hattwick,…show more content…
Whereas Jack Eckerd had a gift for seeing which stores should go in what locations, Cork Walgreen had a gift for seeing which people should go in what seats” (Hattwick, 2005). And where Eckerd failed to make the single most important business decision any executive can make – who should follow him – Walgreen “developed multiple outstanding candidates and selected a superstar successor who may prove to be even better than Cork himself” (Hattwick,

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