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Marketing Strategy of “Burger Machine” Submitted By: Clarice Alfonso Jermelyn Gile Maricris Alejaga I. INTRODUCTION Trying out Burgers at Burger machine is really easy; they are almost available in most common places where there are big places for a stall along highways and main roads around metro manila. Burger machine offers the cheapest alternatives to Fast food burgers. Their product is much cheaper, and you can sort of customize your burgers. The burgers they offer are in a hamburger bun (more commonly found in local bakeries or pastry shops) and their burgers are a bit thinner than that of the fast food. Burger Machine also offers sans rival. This is a type of a layered butter cake, with lots or nuts, tastes more like coming from a bakeshop than a burger stand. Prices in burger machine are reasonable, you can also request the attendant to put more stuffs in your burger. As they are often a stall along the side streets, most of the stalls are 24 hours, or are open until late time. This makes it really convenient for people who might be craving a burger late at night. II. Products Offered Burgers Buy One take One * Jumbo Burger – P37.00 * Double Longganisa Burger – P41.00 Buy One take One (JUMBO) * Bartburger – P49.00 * Chili Burger – P55.00 * Cheezy Bacon – P67.00 Ultimate Double Burger – P49.00 Double Bartburger – P39.00 Double Burger – P33.00 BM Classic Burger – P22.00 BM Dog- P29.00 BM Dog with Coleslaw - P35.00 Cheese Dog – P38.00 Cheezy Bacon Dog – P45.00 Chili ( Con Carne ) – P9.00 Bacon Bits – P9.00 Egg – P9.00 Sliced Cheese – P9.00 Coleslaw – P6.00 Specialties * Sanzrival –P18.00 * Ice pops

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