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1 Elements. The first element I found in Jonathan Swift’s ‘A Modest Proposal’ was the issue of economic hardship in Ireland at the time that it was written; Although the artifact is written with a humorous tone, Swift still points out how poor the standard of living is in Ireland. Swift mentions that out of 200,00 Irish couples, at most 30,000 of them are able to care for their children adequately. He also mentions that all of the laborers and eighty percent of the farmers in the country were so poor that they were reduced to begging to survive, and jokes that if his proposal to sell children to the rich for food were accepted it would be logical as the rich in Ireland had “already devoured most of the parents (119)” anyway. The second element in this artifact is the fact that raising a child costs a lot of money, and also how difficult it is to survive while raising a child during this time. Swift talks about how after a year the cost of raising a baby becomes unmanageable and too costly for most of the lower class in Ireland. Swift writes that a child has no monetary value until the age of twelve, and even then they are worth far less than the cost it took to raise them. According to Swift, the child is probably better off being eating in this situation because it won’t be able to find work and will starve to death anyway. The third element is the solution to the first two; Swift proposes that the 170,000 babies born annually in Ireland (minus 50,000 for miscarriages) be sold by their parents for food to wealthy Irish citizens. Although the artifact is written as a satire, Swift gives logical reasons for why this would be a good solution to Ireland’s economic problems. By allowing the child to live for a year it can grow from twelve to twenty-eight pounds, while still being very inexpensive to raise. After the first year the child can be sold for

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