Wal-Mart Case Study

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Earl Lamont Taylor Capella University Unit 6 Assignment 1 March 27, 2013 Unit 6 Assignment 1 Introduction In this Integrated Global Marketing Case Study assignment paper I will give an overview of the company I chose to do my project on and summarize the company’s marketing mix based on its pricing strategies. I will examine the company’s presence in domestic and international markets, its vision and execution of strategy that set its direction, and also its plans for growing and servicing its customer base. Next, I will provide an overview of how the company I selected uses its marketing information resources to build their marketing decision support systems and customer relationship management environment. In addition, I will develop innovative and sustainable solutions to strategic marketing challenges the company may face. The next step I will take is to identify, describe, and thoroughly analyze the market segments the company I am writing about has chosen to compete in and support. Finally, I will show the significance of the concept of integrated marketing communications and its impact on marketing management, identify the elements of the promotion mix with the pros and cons of each element, show the connection of the concept of the communication process model to important issues in promotional strategy, describe the components of the marketing manager’s role in promotional strategy, and also explain the key concepts of advertising, sales promotion, and public relations as they pertain to marketing management. Overview The company I chose to do my Integrated Global Marketing Case Study Project on is Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is an American publicly traded company and the world’s largest retail company. It offers a variety of general merchandise such as apparel, toys, electronics, small appliances, health and beauty products, fabrics, lawn and garden,

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