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Wal-Mart is one of the most known retail chain stores that currently has more than 4,000 stores throughout the world and being the largest retail store in the United States and has the largest retail chain throughout the world as well. It dominates in many other countries as well to include Canada, Mexico, and United Kingdom. It sales a vast variety of general merchandise for all of your family’s needs to include apparel and shoes, household needed items, electronics, beauty products, and jewelry. Most Wal-Mart stores have a photo processing center, pharmacy, and a tire and lube express center. Operating out of 28 different countries and employing more than two million people, Wal-Mart is also known by different names than the traditional name we have all grown up to know them by. Welmex (Wal-Mart) is located in the countries of Mexico, Asda (United Kingdom), Seiyu (Japan), and Toda Dia (Brazil). Supercentre and Discount Stores located in Canada, Trust-Mart in China, Best Price in India, Dispensa Familiar in Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala, Econo in Chile, Changomas in Argentina, Pari in Costa Rica, and Pali in Nicaragua. In most recent years, Wal-Mart purchased 51% of the Mass-Mart stores that are located in South Africa. This retail store is made up of 280 stores that operate out of 14 different countries all located throughout the southern African region (Pereira, 2002). Wal-mart has the greatest presence in the United States. This is due to a capitalistic setting where the market system is under a free market economy. American shoppers relate to the economy by searching for the lowest prices and best value, but yet having their rights protected and all political beliefs. Wal-Mart remains appealing by supporting their customer’s needs, but yet striving to stay efficient as a business by continuing to offer the lowest prices amongst their

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