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So today I would like to talk about Wal Mart. As many of you think as wal mart as a cheap market to shop at, there have been many issues with the company. With the low prices wal mart has to offer, it has created bad conditions for their workers. Wal mart may have extremely low prices in their shops, but they are hurting those who are working for them. Wal mart has had great history of terrible work condtions. In 2006, it was recorded that Full time walmart employees were earning an average $10.11 working 40 hours a week, which led to about $17,800 a year. It was claimed to be 20 percent less than the average retail worker. In 2005 a lawsuit in the state of mussouri between 160,000 to 200,000 were forced to work overtime and were denied pay and were not allowed lunch breaks or rest breaks. Another issue was the 10 percent of wall marts night workers were locked inside the store, literally making them prisoners in 2004. This is an issue because if an emergency were to occur escaping the building would be difficult. In the summer of 2000, walmart was examined for a one weeks time clock record for about 25,000 employees. There were 1371 instances that week of minors working too late during school hour or working to many hours which is vilolating child labor laws. Also during that week there were 60767 missed breaks and 15705 lost meals times like lunch break, and the company did nothing about it after hearing the news. Wal mart has also hired illegal immigrants to work late janitor shifts, and those workers were caught and arrested. The main issue for wal mart employees is the lack of benefits. As of October of 2005 only 44% of their employees had health insurance, while Costco had 96% of its workers with health insurance. In January of 2006 maryland passed a bill saying companies with over 10000 workers in the state must spend 8 % of their payroll on

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