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1) Anna Quindlen in her essay Uncle Sam and Aunt Samantha takes the side for a draft of both genders. She uses information based on the women serving in our armed forces and concludes that women drafted with men would greatly improve our national defense. She believes that omen will not become victims and force men into more chivalrous actions. She believes that women can overcome their lack of upper body strength to serve both admirably and effectively in our modern military. Kathryn Roth-Douquet in her essay Military Service Can Open the Eyes of Country’s “Elite” brings light to the common misconception that the military is full of our countries un wanted. She brings for statistics about our congressmen and women and their children’s lack of military service. In her essay Mrs. Roth-Douquet alludes to her past as a typical left wing privileged women who changed dramatically when she married a Marine Corps officer. 2) Women can do amazing things both in and out of the military but a weakness in Anna Quindlen’s essay to me would simply be that America needs our women; but we do not need them to fight our wars. As a country full of television watchers and very few readers of history, many do not believe that wars are really won back home. I believe that women can serve a much better role back in the country, running business, running the home and I recognize they can provide a desperately needed job with sweat and mind back in the States. I would use the World Wars as perfect examples of what are countries men and women can do when women are tirelessly working on the home front to keep this country running while the men are far away fighting for our freedoms. This is in no way a slight to women and offending the other gender is the last thing I would ever try to do but I believe a draft of women is a terrible idea, I however believe the ones we have in the

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