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Introduction: The market is a wide environment, where has many challenges and risks for the firm. For this reason, every firm always has a different strategy to attract customers in the markets. In order to have a good strategy which bring successful for the firm that depends on many factors such as resources and capabilities are the most important things to support the company’s strategy. Moreover, these factors will create special features for the company to have a position of strength in market. It means the company’s competitive advantages. To be clearly, Wal-Mart can be taken as an example to illustrate this point in this report. Theory: The company’s resources: According to Grant, R.M and Jordan, J, (2012), the resources is an own property of the company which is used to make profit. For example, it might be the company's financial resources, which companies can use to expand the business, buy equipment or to pay salaries to employees. In addition, the resources are divided into three basic types tangible, intangible, and human resource. First of all, tangible resources are the real things which can be easily realize. It is also the company’s budget which includes cash, stock, or capital. Following that, intangible resources are things invisible that are difficult to define it's real value such as brand name and culture. The last thing is human resources may seem to be labor force to support the departments in the company. The company’s capabilities: Capabilities is the manage company with the resources The relationship among resources, capabilities, competitive advantage and strategy: Case study: Wal-Mart is a well-known retail company, which was founded by Sam Walton in 1962, in the world. To be successful, Wal-Mart has many unique strategies to conquer the customers as well as the existence is in a very extreme competitive market. Wal-Mart's

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