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Mummy track Question 4 Yes, special arrangements should be made for workers who wish to combine carrer and child raising in an organization. Through this way, the organization will have the chance to maximise the staff manpower even though they wish to have carrer and child raising. There are few steps that could be consider in giving in the special arrangements such as given a few days allowance to work from home. Working from home will be an effective way as the woman has the chance to pay attention to both side, career and her family. She need not have diverted attention where she is worried about one side while working on another side. This gives her a chance to have full concentration on both. Through this way promotes effective work performance. Besides, day care allowance and duty care service centre can be given while this eases the burden of the staff who wants their child to be in a safe place while they are in work. Through allowance, subsidies are given while they do not need to consider putting their child in a day care due to financial burden. Wal-mart Question 4 Can a retailer ever become too large and too powerful? The short answer in this case is "not likely." Antitrust law is aimed at protecting consumers, not competitors. Monopolists jack up prices. WalMart lowers them-making it, in some instances, a more effective trustbuster than the trustbusters themselves. Yet the company has grown self-conscious about its size. Competition law, known in the United States as antitrust law, is law that promotes or maintains market competition by regulating anti-competitive conduct by companies. Since the 20th century, competition law has become global. The two largest and most influential systems of competition regulation are United States antitrust law and European Union competition law. Two out of the competition law, or antitrust law, are

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