Waiting for Godot Essay

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Throughout life, everyone is faced with choices which will guide their future and the opportunities which are open to them. Other choices are less important, such as what color to paint a wall, or which flavor ice cream to have while celebrating with family. The most interesting decision is one which is made without knowing whether it matters in the long run or not. While Vladimir and Estragon sat underneath the tree waiting for their mysterious “savior” Godot, they knew not what would happen once they were relieved of their never-ending wait. The real question to be answered, then, is what would happen if Godot came, and more importantly still, who or what exactly IS Godot? While the author didn’t specifically state one way or the other how Godot should be interpreted, it is clear enough to any and all who read this absurdist play that Godot is more than simply a man, a master, and extraordinarily untimely, not unlike the White Rabbit of Alice in Wonderland. Instead, “he” seems to be a symbol for something greater, or something which is not tangible. Godot is an idea, and an important one at that. Didi and Gogo are waiting not for a man to redeem them and save them from their eternal lingering, but in fact they are waiting for a true savior. Godot is a mysterious man, seems to be in his elder years with a white beard, and is coming to save the two helpless souls and give them rest. The argument that this is anything but an obvious symbol for the second coming of Jesus Christ and the rapture is difficult to support with evidence. Vladimir and Estragon are waiting impatiently for the arrival of Godot (which even contains the word God in the name) who will release them from their repetitive, infuriating stay under the tree. The boy who comes on several occasions throughout the play is representative of prophets who would foretell the coming of a savior,

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