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The theater of the absurd is when a movie is made that has no tight knit ending. Unlike other movies the theater of the absurd gives the audience the space they need to draw their own conclusions and make their own mistakes. it’s a movie with open interpretation so that people can all pull out the parts that personally stood out to them the most which is usually something that they can relate to on a personal level which means that they must differ from one another because no one has the same personal experiences so they cant all be thinking the same thing. The theater of the absurd challenges people to think a different way and to see things from their own eyes. It forces them to see things their way as oppose to just being spoon fed the vision that the author had and getting the point to a movie that didn’t require any additional thinking or effort to be put into it. The movie Waiting for Godot does just that. The movie is about two men whom are stranded on what is open to your own interpretation. They could be stranded on a dessert, one of the circles of hell, heaven or just trapped within their own minds. In waiting for Godot there is no ending to it because Godot never comes, it leaves the audience waiting for something that may or may never come. it’s a movie that leaves you with more questions then you started with such as, who is Godot? Why are these two men waiting for him? Why is he of so much importance? Is Godot God? It all depends your own personal experiences and your believes. If you are a strong Christian you might say that these men are waiting on God to come, they’re waiting to be saved. If you’re atheist you might say that they are just waiting for fate to come and tell them what’s going to happen with them and the rest of their lives. The men in jail whom saw this movie captured it perfectly because they know what it feels like to be waiting

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