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If I could go back in time and change something, what would that be? If I could go back in time and change something, I would change the fact that my beloved husband, Eddie, passed away. Everyone has something in their past that they would like to change. Some people would like to have finished their goals. Some people regret words they have said and certain actions they have done. Others would like to change the absence of persistence or courage in a certain event. I regret that I was not more deliberate in getting my husband to stop smoking. Smoking is a hazard to your health and causes many deadly diseases and respiratory illnesses. Not only is it dangerous to the smoker, but also to whoever is around them. My husband’s doctor told me, “If our skin was transparent and we could see through our bodies, at what smoking does to us on the inside, everyone would stop smoking!” In our teenage years, my husband and I were reared in North Carolina, a tobacco state. It is also home RJ Reynolds, one of the biggest cigarette manufacturers in the United States. RJ Reynolds and their associates, encouraged smoking by advertising how “Wonderful” they were. They let us buy them at a young age very inexpensively. They made smoking seem a status symbol for being cool! Dr. Mark Goodman, Professor and Assistant Dean of the University of Miami, helped my husband and treated his Leukemia Cancer. His Leukemia was a direct result of smoking cigarettes. In January 2008, shortly after the Bone Marrow transplant, my husband contracted MERSA, and because of his compromised Immune system, he could not fight off the infection. On July 22, 2008, I lost my husband of twenty-two years to a smoking disease. I am amazed we tolerate our family and friends or ourselves smoking cigarettes. Some people think that smoking is a freedom and a

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