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Wisdom is a word vaguely defined, but almost always associated with old age. “Wisdom comes with age.” is the cry of the day and the old look down on the youth and scorn their years. Sometimes for good reason and sometimes a kind of prejudice. The truth is wisdom has never come with age as some once said “Wisdom doesn’t automatically come with old age. Nothing does except wrinkles.” Yes, many elderly are wise, but it is not because their years. Instead it comes with the trials and experiences in ones' life. From both the little and super massive events that populate a human being's existence. Years can only number so far while experiences range infinitely. The world can not simply sit around and wait for the years to tick off and then suddenly wisdom has arrived. No, life is about trying things to see if they work and learning from the results. Gaining knowledge by constantly tinkering with the ropes, pulleys and doohickeys around them. Learning from success, defeats, common surroundings, and the brand new. Using this gathered info to compare and contrast future events. Sam Levenson put it best when he said “You must learn from the mistakes of others. You can't possibly live long enough to make them all yourself.” Sixty years of wisdom can be compacted into a twenty if the world can be simplified into building blocks which continue to fall until trial and error reveals any structure imaginable. In order for the blocks to be properly assembled the aspects of an individuals life must be commingled. Wisdom and compartmentalization can not function properly. Things like school, church, and social life all offer different chances to add in the growth wisdom however each has a side effect. Religion offers divine wisdom, but can be ignorant, education offers intelligence, but lacks in application and relationships gives application, but lacks in learning. For true

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