Wage Gap Between Men and Women

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Men are always looking at women as the inferior sex and think that women are supposed to submit in all relationships, whether if it is romantically or on the job. I personally have a problem with that myself. I think that women should be treated as equals now because we have earned the right to. We do the same things that they do and sometimes we can do it better. Men are physically stronger than women but anatomy but stronger does not mean better all the time. They are not as smart as women as there are more women in gifted programs, etc. Women think more because it compensates for the lack of physical strength. Just because we are have differences of characteristics, it’s more important to embrace those differences and work together as a group. A lot of times, men think that they should order for women, pay the bills, etc. But it the woman is more financially savvy, than the man should step aside and let the women do what she is better at. And just because most men are stronger physically, that does not mean that all men are. Some women are body builders, mechanics, etc. They have crossed the gender barrier and have proved that there isn’t a standard that women won’t live up to and surpass. Sometimes men think that they know more than women and that the women should listen to everything that they say. But as we are all human and no one is perfect, men also have flaws. A man and woman should be assessed as individuals and not based on their genders. The biases that are placed on men and women alike make it hard to come into a place of individuality and do what they love or be who they truly are. In relationships, a man and woman should look at the qualities of each person and see what they can do really well and not so well. Then they should see how they can come together and work as a team. So a lot of the topics have been personal to me. From the biases on jobs,
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