Wade Davis Indigenous Culture Summary

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Indigenous Cultures After viewing the video clipping I’ve concluded that Wade Davis is a National Geographic advocate and explorer of the indigenous cultures that continue to exists in this world today and how we are losing rare and valuable elements of our global heritage. . In his speech, I found the message to be one of comparison and explanation of the many cultures with different practices. He touched bases on several of the cultures that he has studied all over the word, covering a wide variety of topics and people. He reminded us that foreign lands are not always foreign; but instead, somebody's home and they share the same basic desires as the rest of the world, specifically talking about the different ways some of the tribes live in their native countries. I was left thinking about a few key ideas.…show more content…
One alarming trend is that over half of the languages in the world have become extinct, these languages are a part of what makes each culture unique and keeping them true to their ideals. He explains that tribes which may seem like savages are actually more naturally aware. Using the example of tribe smelling urine within 40 paces of it and being able to identify the species of the urine or like the man who made a knife out of feces, and a sled out of the rib cage of an animal, we must adapt to our situation and make the best of it sometimes. Davis talks about Amazonian tribes and their use of native plants as hallucinogenic devices to access the spirit world, including ayahuasca and the fact that they can’t see certain colors because of the canopy layer of their home

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