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Name : Muhammad Amirul Aqib B. Sahard’din Matric Number : Dce 131066 Section : 5 In the era globalization all employees love their employer is friendly with them. An outgoing and sociable leader will encourage worker is productivity in their work , worker will loyal to employer and worker will respect the employer. Firstly the leader must be a responsible person in a company to increase the quality of sallers . When the leader responsible with their worker, the worker will get spirit to worked hard for their company and it can make worker happy when they do their work. Responsible with worker can reduce the stress and emotional disturbances because the workers will feel their work is appreciated. Besides that the leader must be friendly person with their workers . After the employer friendly with them, they will improve their job performance . It also can make a simple entrusted with employer and employee. When they had a simple entrusted the employee will be loyalty with their job and employer, Next the leader should be respect with the employee. When the leader had respect each other , the employee will loved to their leader and they would work safely to keep the stock in good to be marketed. When they feel respect employee will be sincere when their working. An employer must maintain the honour and he should make boundaries between the workers and employers . The religion of Islam teaches that all human status are the same . Their faith will determine their status in the side of Allah . In conclusion to be a good leader he must to be an outgoing and sociable leader will encourage workers productivity in their work, workers will loyal to employer and worker with respect to the employer

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